The 10 largest world whisky brands

28th June, 2013 by Ros Branagan

American whiskeys may be amongst the most popular in the world, but when it comes to the 10 largest world whisky brands, there are plenty of Canadian, Japanese and Irish products making a splash.


Honeyed whiskies have been driving sales of the 10 largest world whisky brands this year

Despite the US being a nation of Bourbon-lovers, there are few brands selling over one million cases, which is why we’ve merged North American whiskeys with Irish and Japanese to create our list of the 10 largest world whisky brands.

For American whiskeys, ever more inventive infusions are exciting consumers’ palates as the global trend for flavoured infusions continues to make this a growth area for the industry. The introduction of honey-flavoured blends from Campari, Wild Turkey and Jack Daniels proved a master stroke, with Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey registering 464,000 case sales in the US alone last year, up an impressive 66.3% on 2011 figures.

Jack Daniel’s fellow US company Jim Beam has seen its Lime Splash RTD imprint make an impact in recent years, and hot on its heels will be Jim Beam Hot Punch, which has already helped build the portfolio’s sales in Germany.

American whiskeys have been boosted by growth in markets around the world, including Germany, Australia and the UK, as well as performing strongly at home. However, with Irish whiskey growing at a rate of 21.6% in the US and more Irish brands set to launch in the next three years, the market for whiskey from America’s upstart rivals across the Atlantic will definitely be a handful to watch.

Not to mention the ambitious expansion plans for some of Japan’s more recognisable names, which are forging whiskies from the Asian country a place amongst the world’s best.

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8 Responses to “The 10 largest world whisky brands”

  1. Ewan Morgan says:

    If this is an amalgamation of NAW, Irish and Japanese then it seems strange there’s no mention of Crown Royal as it’s roughly 5M Cases?

  2. sedzen99 says:

    Intersting but missing n°3!

  3. Thomas Domenig says:

    Do these numbers of 10,7 respectively 6,3 million cases concern just the flagship product (Jack Daniel’s No. 7, Jim Beam White Label) or the whole range (Gentleman’s Jack, Single Barrel, Knob Creek, Booker’s, Old Overholt, Old Grand-Dad, …)?

  4. Gavin says:

    If Johnnie Walker Scotch Whisky makes 19.7 million case sales a year, How is jJck Daniels at number1 with 10.7 million case sales ?

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