World’s top 10 strangest drinking rituals

20th May, 2013 by Amy Hopkins

From the weird to the wonderful, the mannered to the mad, every country has its own peculiar set of rituals when it comes to drinking.

worlds top-10-drinking-rituals

From mezcal worms to mining demons, the world has some pretty crazy drinking rituals

While Asian countries emphasise respect for their elders and Scandinavia pays homage to its Viking ancestors, Mexicans have been known to enjoy a critter in their booze and the Czechs are focused on protecting their sex life.

Knowledge of these customary quirks is imperative for  travellers not wanting to stray away from the expected etiquette or, indeed, prompt gasps of consternation and disgust.

Such an example is the Western custom of toasting with the phrase “cin cin.” In Italy, this is a polite gesture to wish your acquaintance good health, whereas this phrase refers to a man’s genitalia in Japanese.

Drinking customs vary from country to country and even region to region, adding to the wonderful idiosyncrasies of each.

And so we say “bottoms up!” “cin cin!” “kampai!” “skål!” “prost!” “na zdorovie!” “salud!” and “cheers!” to our top 10 drinking rituals from across the globe.

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