Top 10 fastest growing US spirits in 2012

22nd May, 2013 by Becky Paskin

Considering the popularity of flavoured vodka in the US, it’s hardly surprising that a list of the 10 fastest growing spirits in 2012 includes no less than five flavoured spirit brands.

USA Top 10 fastest growing spirits

The US, a land of opportunity as far as spirits are concerned

The list, compiled by Technomic for its Spirits Trends in Adult Beverage (TAB) report, shows that not only are flavoured spirits gaining favour amongst US consumers, producers themselves are releasing more expressions than ever before.

In fact the US spirits market as a whole is growing so rapidly – by 3.2% in 2012 – that the industry has now hit over 200 million case sales a year, and is positioned for continued growth in 2013.

“Despite the moderate pace of the economic recovery, the spirits industry continued to grow in volume and dollars,” said Eric Schmidt, director of research at Technomic, who added that the growth was so strong that spirits outpaced that of wine and beer.

Premium spirits, in particular vodka, also feature dominantly on this list. Vodka after all is the nation’s largest-selling spirit, increasing its overall volume in 2012 by 5.8% to now account for a third of all spirits sold in the US.

The fastest-growing spirit brands in the US in 2012 reflect the growing importance of flavoured products and premiumisation in the marketplace, with five vodkas of various price points, two whiskey-based liqueurs, a cream rum liqueur, spiced rum and premium blue agave Tequila.

Find out what the top 10 fastest-growing spirits in the US in 2012 were, ranked by percentage increase, by clicking through the pages below.

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