BRIC countries hold key to Scotch’s future

15th May, 2013 by Tom Bruce-Gardyne

From the vast untapped potential of India to booming sales in Russia, the BRIC economies hold the key to Scotch whisky’s future, as Tom Bruce-Gardyne discovers.

Christ the Redeemer Scotch

Scotch’s presence has expanded throughout the world in the last decade

In 2003 the prospects for blended Scotch were mixed to put it mildly. In the mature markets blends were failing to recruit the next generation of whisky drinkers, while excess stocks put a serious squeeze on margins.

Among the emerging economies, the Chinese and their well-publicised thirst for Chivas and Johnnie Walker provided the greatest hope.

Ten years on, the talk has moved way beyond China, and the industry can barely keep up with demand. What a difference a decade makes.

Wetake an in-depth look at what the future holds for Scotch, both blends and malts, in the world’s largest emerging economies, Brazil, Russia, India and China.

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