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Top 10 sexiest Flirt Vodka adverts

There’s no doubting that spirit brands know how to push the boundaries when it comes to advertising.

No joke of lie: Flirt Vodka’s racy adverts have caused quite a storm over the years

And the popularity of last week’s top 10 greatest spirit advertisements proves that they’re also quite good at it. So with that in mind we decided to delve a bit deeper into our number one pick – Bulgaria’s Flirt Vodka.

Flirt says its vodka “heightens emotions, provokes associations and rouses desires,” although going by the nature of the adverts it’s fair to say the focus tends to fall squarely on the latter.

While the questionable nature of the message – that drinking Flirt will dramatically improve your chances with the opposite sex – begins to wear thin, the ways Flirt chooses to convey it definitely don’t. All the following adverts ran from 2001-2009 and, at the very least, you have to admire the brand’s continuous creativity in coming up with eight years worth of these ads.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that such controversial tactics are only employed to distract from an inferior product, as The Spirits Business Master and Gold medals won by Flirt in 2012 attest, the quality of the vodka is more than a match for the audacity of the advertising.

So without further ado, here’s our pick of the top 10 Flirt Vodka advertisements. But be warned, some of these images may not be safe for work.

Are these the raciest, most suggestive adverts produced by a spirit brand? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

10 The Angel

Believe it or not, this is in fact one of the more subtle adverts in Flirt’s back catalogue. Carrying the slogan: “Are you ready for tonight?” it certainly seems that the answer is “yes” – and for all three of them, judging by the angel’s complicit involvement.

9. The Scratch

Maybe he wasn’t ready for last night? The text apparently says: “He was picking hips. Flirt keeps the memories” which one has to assume makes a bit more sense in Bulgarian than it does in English. Fortunately for Flirt, the image rather speaks for itself. He should probably get some ointment on that.

8. The Bed

Well, this rather speaks for itself too, doesn’t it? The copy here reads :”He said there was an earthquake. Flirt keeps the memories.” Although nowhere near as graphic as some of the other creatives, this still rather eschews subtle nudging in favour of a more obvious ‘punch punch, wink wink’.

Still, if nothing else, it’s nice to see that Flirt is able to exert its salacious influence in charming domestic surroundings as well as at nightclubs – even if they are apparently a tectonic hazard.

7. The Table

Staying with the ‘around the house’ theme is this cheeky little number. “She said she was making a cake. Flirt keeps the memories,” it proclaims. One hopes that in the throes of passion they were at least mindful enough to take it out of the oven. There’s nothing worse than a crispy Victoria sponge.

6. The Toilet

After the somewhat more coquettish domestic bliss, all the subtlety (or what subtlety there was, at least) goes out the window with this offering from the same “Are you ready for tonight?” stable as number 10, which sees the return of our angel friend. The Portman Group would have had a field day with the ads we’ve shown so far and they aren’t likely to get much happier from here on in.

5. The Pen

Judging by this, it’s fair to say that Flirt is probably au fait with the teachings of Sigmund Freud. Although maybe we should forget sublimation, repression and displacement – maybe she’s just stumped by a particularly tough maths problem?

4. The Envelope

Well, no one can accuse Flirt of just going after the male market. This and the previous entry are both also part of the “Are you ready for tonight?” campaign. Looking at the number of stamps on there, you have to wonder where he’s sending that letter. Maybe to the moon.

3. The Bench

Once you see it you can’t un-see it. The tagline for this one is “He said he was counting the stars. Flirt keeps the memories.” He certainly looks like an astronomer to us, probably just ticking off the constellations. Lyra, Orion, Scorpius… The Big Dipper…

2. The Knees

Look at that knowing smile. Is that book upside-down? Despite not being as lewd as some of the others on this list, there’s something about this ad that’s just that little bit more shocking for some reason. Maybe because it was so brazen, maybe because Flirt supported it by offering free knee pads to anyone who returned an empty case to a store. Or maybe because we’re prudes.

1. The Videos

Flirt doesn’t limit itself to the billboards, bus stops and and magazine adverts that have made up this list so far. Oh no. They also make TV ads and, well, if a picture paints a thousand words then a video must be worth at least a few million. Whatever the number, it’s definitely far more than we have space for.

While we certainly couldn’t embed any of Flirt’s motion picture offerings on here with a clear conscience, we also can’t stop you from perhaps pointing your web browser to a certain popular video streaming website and searching for them; no matter how hard we might try. Oh alright, here’s a link. Definitely not safe for work this time.

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