Ballantines designs whisky-inspired typeface

8th April, 2013 by Becky Paskin

Chivas Brothers Scotch brand Ballantines has commissioned Scottish artist Steve Bonner to create a fun new whisky-inspired illustrated typeface.

Ballantines Typeface alphabet

Fans of Ballantines can use the new illustrated typeface to create bespoke words for their Facebook page

Featuring pears peeled into a ‘P’, and cream dripping into a ‘C’ shape, the typeface has been designed to celebrate the flavour characteristics of Ballantines 12 Year Old Scotch.

The Ballantines alphabet allows users to create their own customised Facebook cover image by mixing and matching letters to create their own combination.

In addition, Bonner illustrated the seven main tasting notes as illuminated letters, with each depicting its flavour.

These illustrations were then animated as part of a campaign on to inspire consumers to ‘Go Beyond’ the blend and explore each note.

Flick through the following pages to see the illustrated letters.

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