World’s Best Bars 2013

12th November, 2012 by SB Staff Writer

We’ve all discussed the best places to drink at this year, but which will be known as the world’s best bars in 2013?

Worlds best bars 2013

Worlds best bars 2013: Looking into the future

There’s quite a discussion to be had on the finest places to stop for a drink this year, but most of the locations topping the bar charts around the globe have been doing so for ages.

Many are old and trusted friends – but what of the next generation? What hot new venues will we all be talking about in 2013, and why?

The Spirits Business gave an international team of drinks writers an unenviable task: predict the future. Using tea leaves, crystal balls and their own unrivalled insight, they’ve come up with the definitive list of bars to watch in 2013.

These might be new ventures, hidden gems shyly entering the limelight, or sleeping giants resurrected from their slumbers by new ways of thinking and drinking.

The result is, if you will, an eclectic world tour of the drinks hot spots of tomorrow. It’s a journey that includes table tennis, the finest Parisian dive, a Sydney speakeasy and the Willy Wonka of the Hong Kong cocktail scene.

Every day this week we’ll publish our results, region by region, kicking off today (Monday) with the bars to watch in the UK.

World’s Best Bars 2013: UK

World’s Best Bars 2013: Europe

World’s Best Bars 2013: North America

World’s Best Bars 2013: Asia

World’s Best Bars 2013: Australasia

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