World’s Best Bars 2013: Asia

15th November, 2012 by Becky Paskin

Asia’s growing sense of adventure has resulted in an influx of high-end bars drawing their inspiration from all over the world. Paul Wootton reports

Terrace Bar Speakeasy Bangkok Worlds Best Bars 2013 Asia

The Terrace Bar at The Speakeasy in Bangkok offers an undoubtedly spectacular view alongside its drinks list

Asia’s food and drink lovers are increasingly experimental, partly because more of them are travelling further afield and want to sample the same taste experiences and products when they get back home. Cue the growing influence of Spain’s and Latin America’s dining and drinking cultures on Asia.

Tequila is all the rage in top bars in Singapore, while the impact of recent top-end eateries such as La Catalunya in Singapore, Boqueria in Hong Kong and Colagreco in Shanghai is having a trickle-down effect on the fast casual dining and bar sectors – expect a spate of quality tapas bars across the region in future.

That said, many of Asia’s night owls are still seduced by the no-expense-spared designs of major hotel bars, which typically offer spectacular views along with their equally stunning prices.

Our list of the bars to watch in Asia is revealed on the following pages…

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  1. George Nemec says:

    Dear all,

    how the heck did you come up with UNICO as best one of the best bars in Asia ????????

    Have you visited this place, or you just use somebodies recommendations ?

    with regards
    George Nemec

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