Ukrainian wins The Swizzle Masters 2012

21st November, 2012 by Becky Paskin

After a year of mixing, sipping, deliberating and judging, Ukrainian Kirill Maslenikov is crowned the king of the Swizzle Masters 2012.

Swizzle Masters 2012 cocktails

The Swizzle Masters 2012 semi-final cocktails

The cocktails over the course of the year have been as varied as they have been creative, which is to say a lot.

Our tireless judges have sampled them all, but none caused quite as much a stir prior to tasting as the cocktail that actually won it for Maslenikov, Sunday Lover.

With 40ml of Jagermeister – a spirit that has professed itself not designed to be mixed in cocktails – courting 60ml of VSOP Cognac, and creme de cacao, it raised a couple of eyebrows over the course of the competition.

But the eyebrows were raised even higher when the panel actually tasted it; a charismatic, herbal yet rounded drink with a hint of chocolate sweetness, the Cognac was beautifully framed by the other ingredients, taking the best they had to offer to bring it all together in a harmonious flavour medley that was unlike anything the judges had come across over the course of the competition.

Time and time again, it impressed the judges in the semi-final, and then was the hands down winner in the end, winning its creator a trip to competition sponsor Wenneker’s distillery in Holland.

Maslenikov’s┬áSunday Lover, however, was not the only star of the show, even if it was the brightest. All those that made it through to the semi-final were the pick of the crop, the most ingenious and creative products – astoundingly different, while still managing to respect the cardinal flavour pairing rules of mixology.

We take a closer look at each of the cocktails that had it to the Swizzle Masters semi-final on the following pages…

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