Rapper Xzibit launches ultra-premium Bonita Tequila

22nd November, 2012 by Becky Paskin

Hip-hop star and rapper Xzibit has announced the launch of his own ultra-premium Tequila in partnership with US-based Bonita Spirits.

Xzibit Bonita Tequila

Xzibit’s Bonita Tequila is the rapper’s first foray into the spirits industry

The first spirit launched by the American rapper, Bonita Tequila is the first of its kind to be distilled five times, while most others are distilled just three.

Made from 100% organic blue agave, Bonita is also chill-filtered three times and hand-bottled at the Mexico distillery in pure crystal with a black satin tie. Each bottled is hand numbered

Bonita Tequila, which carries an RRP of US$99, is seeking a “quick” nationwide roll-out in the US, before entering international markets.

Xzibit became a partner in Bonita Spirits, which was founded in 2010, after owner Chris Brown sent him one of the first bottles of Tequila produced to try.

Bonita Tequila is being positioned as one of only a handful of spirits owned by a celebrity, as opposed to many others that are purely endorsed by one.

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