SB Picks: Halloween cocktails

31st October, 2012 by Marinel FitzSimons

While many of you reading this page will no doubt be a bit too old to trick or treat today with pride – admit it – our age does allow us to indulge ourselves this 31 October with some delectable Halloween cocktails instead.

The Artesian Halloween cocktail Bone thumb

The Artesian Halloween cocktail Bone thumb

As we look out of our office windows in London, sunlight streaming in, it’s hard to believe that the streets around us, in only a few hours time, will be populated by ghouls, witches and devils, or at least small children dressed up as such.

While some will dress as pumpkins, black cats or the undead, others may choose to celebrate this ancient New Year’s eve in a different manner. It seems quite fitting to celebrate the day the dead walk amongst the living with a selection of carefully mixed spirits, so for those of you seeking shelter, away from the demonic infestation on the streets, here are a selection of equally fiendish cocktails to keep you occupied until the worst of the siege of the living dead has passed, or at least the warming glow from the alcohol has left you impervious to the worst effects of it all.

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