Bootlegger white spirit launch inspired by Prohibition

18th September, 2012 by Becky Paskin

UK drinks company Halewood International is launching a new, unaged white spirit inspired by those drunk during American Prohibition.

Bootlegger unaged white spirit

Bootlegger unaged white spirit will launch in London this week

Bootlegger, a white, 40% abv grain spirit, will launch through Dockyard Distillers at the Boutique Bar Show in the UK this week.

Halewood claims its blend of English and French wheat gives the spirit a smooth oak and vanilla taste with a ‘lingering grain filled finish’, and is designed for sipping.

Richard Clark, director of innovation at Halewood International, said Bootlegger is also designed to provide bartenders with a white whisky-style spirit to use in cocktails.

“Bootlegger is targeted towards a younger ‘brand savvy’ audience than the traditional Whiskey consumer, seeking to enjoy authentic straight talking spirits as part of their bar drinking repertoire,” he said.

“It’s a modern take on a product that’s traditionally enjoyed by 40+ males.  Bootlegger with its refined taste profile is expected to attract discerning, contemporary consumers who aspire to enter the whiskey market, but to-date have not been given the reason to do so.”

It has already received advance listings in London bars such as Underdog in Clapham, McQueen in Shoreditch, Dollar Grills & Martinis and Blue’s Kitchen in Camden, as well as at all Benugo and Drake & Morgan sites.

The signature cocktail for the brand is The Capone, which also features Grand Marnier, bitters and Champagne.

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