Baileys Orange Truffle given limited release

19th September, 2012 by Becky Paskin

Diageo is launching a limited edition Baileys Orange Truffle next month ready to take advantage of the Christmas gifting period.

Baileys Orange Truffle

Baileys Orange Truffle will be released in the domestic UK and Australia markets, and select travel retail locations only

The limited edition expression, a blend of Baileys Original Irish Cream and orange truffle flavour, will only be available from October 2012 to January 2013 in the UK and Australia, as well as select travel retail outlets including London Heathrow, London Gatwick and Sydney airports.

The spirit’s launch marks the start of the brand’s Christmas marketing campaign, and has been created specifically with the festive season in mind.

Pamela Dinh, brand manager for Vodka, Gins & Liqueurs, Diageo Global Travel and Middle East said:”The flavour cues of rich orange chocolate blended with Baileys evoke thoughts of sumptuous and luxurious Christmas occasions and present our consumer with something ‘new’ to serve friends or give as a gift.

“The new flavour presents a fantastic commercial opportunity for travel retail in the coming months. Promotional collateral has been designed with the discerning female shopper in mind, and also works to engage the potentially lucrative female ‘non shopper’ group.”

Diageo will support the launch with ‘theatrical’ displays and sampling as well as ‘premium’ POS.

It will retail for £13.25 for a 70cl bottle.

13 Responses to “Baileys Orange Truffle given limited release”

  1. Corinne says:

    I saw this in tesco today @ £15 for 1ltr bottle, I was looking to see if anyone had tried it yet

  2. phil furner says:

    it’s fantastic! Have tried to buy more but my Tescos has run out.

  3. Paul says:

    Going to go and buy some more best flavour yet but that’s just my view.

  4. Henry Jones says:

    This is a fantastic flavour of Baileys….rich, chocolately….reminiscent of orange matchmakers…..the perfect apertif for any christmas party….and fantastic to pour over vanilla ice cream….or pour into a hot coffee……but beware, when its gone , it’s gone! So get it before it’s no longer available.

    • KAREN DONNELLY says:

      Henry I can’t get it in any tesco near me now. they’ve all sold out !! im hoping to get some from Duty Free in November when I go on holiday? or I won’t be a happy bunny for Xmas !!!


    I love it can’t get it anymore tho, everywhere has sold out !!! why have they only supplied it to TESCO !!!!!

    Bailey’s pleeeeeeeeeese make some more, or keep it , replace it fot the disgusting Biscotti flavour !!!!!

  6. Howard Evans says:

    P and O have it and are doing tatsers on the Dover / Calais route

  7. barbro nordberg says:

    Bought one bottle on ferry from stockholm to Finland. I wish I had bought more. I LOVE IT!!!
    PLEACE Bailey`s,keep this flavour !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Karen brass says:

    So envious of my Mom, who bought some amd said it is fantastic. I live in Canada now and it is not for sale here 🙁 I am sure it would be popular wherever it was sold. Fingers crossed they decide to market it worldwide.

  9. greg says:

    ive heard that if you mix baileys with quantro liqueur it gives a chocolate orange flavour baileys:)

  10. sonya says:

    When can we try it in the US!?

  11. Marie says:

    Absolutely loved the orange chocolate flavour. First tried it at Sydney Airport in October and then went out and bought 4 bottles (I only have 1 bottle left). Very upset !!!!! cannot byt it anymore. Pleeeeeeeease bring it back permanently.

  12. harry brand says:

    I make my own Baileys at home and I would appreciate a recipe for adding the orange truffle flavor to it. It sounds so good and we can not buy here.

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