Scotland passes minimum alcohol pricing bill

25th May, 2012 by Becky Paskin

The Scottish Government has now passed a bill proposing a minimum alcohol price of 50p a unit, in a bid to curb binge drinking in the country.

Scottish flagThe Alcohol Minimum Pricing Bill was yesterday approved by Parliament and will eventually prevent retailers from selling cut-price alcohol.
Scottish Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon called the approval a “landmark moment in Scotland’s fight against alcohol misuse”, claiming the policy will help reduce alcohol-related deaths by 60 in its first year.
“This policy will save lives – it’s as simple as that,” she said. “Together with other measures like quantity discounts, irresponsible promotions on alcohol and our record investment of  £196m to tackle alcohol misuse, I believe this wide package of measure will help to create the cultural shift needed to change our relationship with alcohol.”
The policy, which will see the price of a one litre bottle of blended Scotch rise from £16 to £20, has apparently received widespread acclaim from the medical and policing trades.

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