Whiskey curries favour in India

3rd November, 2011 by Marinel FitzSimons

Of the 6,700 million litres of alcohol sold annually through authorised channels in India, an astounding 80% of that is whiskey, according to a report by the Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry in India (ASSOCHAM).

In terms of what is being drunk, despite Indian’s impressive whiskey production (the country produces 70% of all liquor in South East Asia), the preference appears to be for imported brands.

A sizeable – and growing – middle class, along with an increase in consumer spending, urbanisation and a steady economy, not forgetting relaxed laws on international trading, have created a healthy and fertile environment for growth of the sector.

Unfortunately this is not all good news as the report also highlighted an increase in the number of young drinkers; “Almost 45 per cent of 12th graders in metropolitan cities in India excessively consume alcohol and teenage drinking has risen by a whopping 100 per cent during the course of last 10 years”.

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