Record-breaking Cognac comes to the UK

24th November, 2011 by Marinel FitzSimons

Cognac Croizet is bringing six bottles of 153-yr-old Cognac to the UK.

One of the record-breaking Cognac Croizet Cuvée Leonie 1858 bottles has been delivered to The Rib Room at Jumeirah Carlton Tower, London. The remaining five bottles are available through Dedicated Wines for a cool 100,000€ each.

A bottle from the same batch recently sold for 1,000,000¥ (£100,000) in Shanghai in September this year, the most ever spent on a bottle of French spirit in an unadorned bottle.

The Cuvée Leonie 1858 predates the phyloxera blight of 1875 which wiped out most of the European wine industry of the time.

The Cuvée was originally part if a dowry given to Leonie Croizet by her father in 1892. Leonie was the great-granddaughter of Leon Croizet who founded the company initially in 1805.

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  1. Jimbo says:

    This cognac was available from the Whisky Exchange for under £25k less than six months ago, and two years ago it was 8k. What they are doing is price-fixing and it stinks. There are hundreds of bottles of this being sold to casinos in China on the back of the rigged auction in Shanghai in September. Croizet’s business practices are despicable.

    • Jason says:

      The above statement is pure accusation and nonsense written by someone who does not understand
      The product or croizet. I head the marketing operation in China and we well to just one casino Macau
      And the qty you talk about are inaccurate, suggest you visit MGM Macau and check your facts. Also the auction was controlled underwritten and witnessed by a professional auction house and
      Qualified witnesses. Pure allegation without proven facts is something we have had before
      Normally from unqualified people with no connection to Asia or the market. Try following the international news links
      And the documentary done by tvb money magazine broadcast to 100s millions of people about croizet and the auction result. It is called the china factor the new world economy and it is not limited to only cognacs, a whiskey sold in Singapore for 200,000 usd this year. I organized the auction if you want to legally make these allegations contact me
      Jason Gillott president of int. marketing cognac croizet based in Hong Kong.

  2. Jason says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

    Follow link of news event and extract taken of croizet auction in shanghai. Underwritten by the top auction house in china, witnessed by the senior director of culinary operations Marriott Asia pacific , the senior china correspondent for the 100 year old south china morning post and the regional correspondent for the wall street journal, the chief of police for Macau, the former bureau chief of CNN Beijing amongst many others. So jimbo if you want to reveal who you are and your company and contact details we can discuss very seriously your fraudulent accusations. In 2007 croizet changed hands and I with other key people repositioned and rebuilt this unique brand with hard work and well thought out branding strategies in the only Market where a brand can be built with strength Asia . The prices you mentioned existed prior to 2007 and the whisky exchange no longer sell it or have stock or could ever prove its quality with precision, and it was old stock sold to them prior to 2007 and it is now only available in very limited qty. In very few locations. Casinos in china statement above jimbo, be accurate Macau not china and it is only in MGM Macau again in very limited qty, if you have any doubts I suggest you contact their investigations dept directly they will deal with your allegation very seriously as headed by ex high ranking hong kong police officers that enforce and follow strict codes of legal conduct.

    Jimbo wake up pls china is a Market of 1.3 billion and the are the centre of global growth commodities such as soya, gold, zinc, oil and rice have all soared in value, wages increase by 23 percent a year on average, all commodity prices
    Have risen ballistically and if you only have a few bottles of cuvee leonie from the harvest of 1858 for sale and people in Asia value a quality and unique brand as ours it makes perfect sense that it can sell for 1 million rmb a bottle.

    Jason Gillott
    Croizet Hong kong

  3. Jason says:

    Jimb send me your contact details pls or contact me directly. Go to our website and follow the contact button we can discuss this properly in an adult fashion that follows proper legal and serious parameters. I will endeavour to contact you ASAP !

  4. Mr cognac says:

    I agree with the writer above from croizet, if jimbo knew anything about cognac or the wine industry globally then he would not write such Statements. According to the official world spirits report cognac saw double digit growth in china in 2010 and now outsells whisky in terms of sales in china. If you track the top Rémy or henessy cognacs they almost all exclusively target china now and sell out their restricted cognacs in a few days for huge prices. China not Europe or America provide this growth nor will ever again, the tide has shifted and if you have a unique truly limited cognac or wine due to a virus wiping out the vines prior to the 1870s as croizet clearly do, and I have tasted this cognac and clarified it’s provenance then commanding the price above at auction is very realistic. Why is china now the hub for most rare wine sales, no longer london or new York and prices are on average fetching 50 percent above those traditional markets. I know where I would go if I were truly in the industry.

  5. Cognac expert says:

    Jimbo is clearly lost and I would guess he had other motives
    When trying to irrationally refute croizet as I have followed
    This auction very closely and it is a result of hard
    Work by a company that clearly holds unique
    Vintage cognacs and it’s rare ability to enter a market
    In china that has traditionally been dominated by
    Black pearl or Louis 13 cognacs. What croizet has
    Done is redefine the industry in terms of historical
    Quality versus mass marketing primarily focused on
    Nicely designed bottles. They should be applauded as they
    Open the door to more boutique cognac companies to enter
    The Asian market.

  6. Mike says:

    Jimbo is jealous I believe ! Get over yourself mate, life gies on…..

  7. Stefan says:

    As far as I know Croizet owned about 4900 bottles of the 1858 vintage so they are not that very rare and, from my personal point of view, the price achieved at auction does not reflect the actual value of the cognac. Philippe de Castaigne sold vintages cognacs (1850 & 1893) for just a few hundred Euro’s whilst Louis Rouyer bottled old Jules Duret stocks (cognac from 1847-1896) for less then hundred Euro’s per bottle. The cognac is about the same ago and will have about the same quality for a bit more modest price.

    • Jason Gillott says:

      Chris sorry Stefan you are completely wrong i know the stock i was the one that brought the brand to Asia in 2009 and organized the auction. You do not know the stock so suggest you keep quiet unless you have proven facts which you do not, and selling is not an issue here in Asia we have had to allocate an annual amount. Also get real Macallan sells for a fortune and other lesser known but older whiskies sell for less, it is called trusting and knowing a brand which you clearly do not know about or have a personal gripe motivated by an inability to articulate facts. Also we are a vintage Cognac company, the premium one Cognac Croizet the others are not and most lost their licenses in 1963 for fraud, three cognac houses did not Croizet, Hine and Delamain. Once again trust and integrity on a brand means everything and the brands above do not have our brands scope or heritage. Thx for the comments though we understand your grievances but just do not accept them as they are motivated by failing in business.

      • Jason Gillott says:

        Correction when i said most i did not single out any cognac house or company specifically other than to say that Cognac Croizet and the two others have continuously kept their vintage cognac licenses even after the ban by the French Govt to produce vintage cognacs due to the integrity of stocks and paper work.

  8. Jason Gillott says:

    Cognac Croizet now has two Guinness World Record so Tim sorry Stephan suggest you try and admit reality and swallow facts that building a brand in Asia is actually undeniable. Click links below, it made all a major news networks and was recognized by the Guinness World Records, the others are not so brand recognition in itself more than your comments above and the final word on it from us:

  9. Max says:

    Stephan has a gripe, go and achieve something yourself and then you may not make such flippant comments, this brand rocks in Asia and is taking off globally and even in New York from what i can see and it sells so the proof is in the eating. A BMW sells well but a Ferrari sells for more, it depends on your market and client base and obviously Cognac Croizet got it right and is a clever and formidable historic brand while other cognac houses just have not made it to this level of excellence.

  10. Philippe says:

    Croizet’s 1858 is a single vintage from the single harvest of 1858 that is the point it a a pure pre blight cognac not a mixture of several years claiming to be something else, it is what it is and that is why it sold for that price, and why the famous Dutch Collector calls it his most prized bottle with fantastic heritage, i think if any brand had a drink drunk by famous PM Winston Churchill and General Eisenhower on the eve of D-Day it would be priceless, and this 1858 Croizet from what i read came from the same historical batch

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