Keep it quiet… PDT Cocktail Book

9th November, 2011 by Marinel FitzSimons

Jim Meehan, chief barman at PDT (Please Don’t Tell) bar in New York, has launched a new cocktail book called, rather unsurprisingly, The PDT Cocktail Book.

Despite the publicity-shy name of the venue, the book’s launch party in New York last week caused a ripple or two in the spirits industry.

Rated as the world’s Best Bar by Drinks International, PDT is now a household name in the cocktail world, as is Jim Meehan.

The book, which includes over 300 cocktails, has everything from the standard classics (Martinis and all variations therein, Negronis, Manhattans…), to some which require slightly more unusual ingredients, through to some which verge on the nigh-impossible to recreate at home (where stocks walnut infused cognac or concord-grape shrub…?).

Illustrations by Chris Gall have a Roy Lichtenstein quality to them. Gall, inspired by the “semi-hallucinatory” art work of the original Savoy cocktail book hopes that the new book’s illustrations may serve as a “gateway” to cocktail making for the readers, as the Savoy’s did for him.

The book, described by internationally renowned cocktail expert Gaz Regan as “the best book of its kind to hit the shelves in the twenty-first century. The very best. Bar none”, is available online from

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