Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage 2002

15th November, 2011 by Dominic Roskrow

Every year at about this time some of the American bourbon producers present an annual release. Almost without exception they are excellent.

Among them is Evan Williams Single Barrel and this release, distilled in 2002, is the 17th in the series. The whiskey was taken from a  single barrel matured on the south side of the fifth floor of Heaven Hill’s Rickhouse R  and proofed at 129.8 (64.9% ABV) before being reduced for bottling at 86.6 proof (43.3% ABV).

This new release, bottled at the start of the month, will be available from January in the United States and in very limited quantities elsewhere , but was this week trialled at the Bardstown Whiskey Society in Kentucky. Amazingly, despite being a single barrel offering and nine years old, a mature age for a premium bourbon, this will retail in America for just $25.99.

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