Kauffman recognises the Martini maestros

26th February, 2011 by Patience Gould

In terms of innovation one cocktail stood out and that was Stephen Scheungrab’s Tomatini. With its garnish of basil leaves and mini mozzarella ball it transported one to Italy and it was like a starter in a glass. It was a brilliantly conceived idea and one that needed rewarding, prompting the Kauffman team to add a new award for “Best Innovation”.

While it’s never easy to sort out the winners – there were no losers on this day of reckoning – the judge’s were unanimous when it came to the overall Master; in fact Yoann Lazareth’s Elegance Martini was the only drink to score in the 80s across the board, and as Mark Jenner noted: “It was a very thought-out process – to the extreme almost –and brought in other methods to create a cocktail; an amazing presentation with a delicate touch.” Well I couldn’t have put it better myself! SB


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