Innovation driving rum’s move towards premiumisation

Rum has had a bad rap for failing to keep pace with premiumisation seen in other categories. But producers are proving they have the skills and innovation to make them just as worthy of premium price tags as any other spirit

Hendrick’s master distiller on creating a gin that defied convention

Hendrick’s kick-started the craft gin movement and now the brand has entered its most exciting chapter yet. Its master distiller, Lesley Gracie, tells SB about her love of breaking the rules

Douglas Laing & Co: a brand history

From humble beginnings, Douglas Laing & Co has grown to become a Scotch whisky favourite. The Spirits Business speaks to members of the family about Ugandan dictators and how founder Fred was almost swapped at birth for Bruichladdich

Top five bars in… Geneva, Switzerland

On the surface, Geneva is a bourgeois Swiss city, housing world organisations and luxury shops. But dig a bit deeper and you’ll find a whole host of gritty bars and rousing nightlife, as well as classy cocktails

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