The Spirits Masters is a series of blind tasting competitions, drawing in entries from across the world. One of the key elements to its success is the quality and the dedication of the judges involved. All judges are completely independent.


Each spirit is judged on its own merit according to the category into which it is entered, and then awarded a Silver, Gold or Master medal.


There is no limit to the number of medals that can be awarded, ensuring that each spirit is judged independently, and not in direct competition with any other spirit.


Please contact Daisy Jones at for further information.

The Rum & Cachaça Masters 2017

In February 2017 The Spirits Business will stage the Rum & Cachaça Masters competition in a drive to find and reward the finest rum and cachaça brands.

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Closing date: 24th January 2017

The Distillery Masters 2017

Distilleries step into the limelight in our latest Masters competition, with innovation and enterprise coming to the fore

The Spirits Design Masters 2016

To encourage consumers to taste their products, brands have to get the look right first. The Design & Packaging Masters 2016 shines a light on the labels, bottles and boxes that make drinks stand out

The Pre-mixed Masters 2016

The Speciality Spirits Masters and Pre-Mixed Spirits Masters saw little-known tipples pack a punch, with innovation aplenty to rival the mainstream

The Speciality Spirits Masters 2016

The Speciality Spirits Masters and Pre-Mixed Spirits Masters saw little-known tipples pack a punch, with innovation aplenty to rival the mainstream

The Liqueur Masters 2016

The Liqueur Masters 2016 attracted more sweet delights than ever, and a diversity across flavours and styles – including fruit, tea, herbs and nuts – which both surprised and delighted our judges

The Luxury Masters 2016

In The Spirits Business's first-ever Luxury Spirits Masters, we sought and celebrated excellence in the upper echelons of the industry

The World Whisky Masters 2016

The World Whisky Masters returns for a second year, revealing a more vibrant category than ever as producers continue to set up shop across the globe

The American Whiskey Masters 2016

Diverse entries across the latest American Whiskey Masters show there’s much more to the US distilling scene than Bourbon

The Irish Whiskey Masters 2016

New Irish distilleries continue to pop up in their droves – but does the current array of liquid available reflect a high level of innovation?

The Gin Masters 2016

With the gin boom showing no signs of abating, the breadth of high-quality liquids now available is astonishing – as our 2016 Gin Masters revealed

The Scotch Whisky Masters 2016

Whether it’s start-ups seeking to stand out from the crowd or veteran brands showing the quality across their range, Scotch now offers a true cornucopia of flavour – as our Scotch Whisky Masters proves

The Asian Spirits Masters 2016

Examining an increasingly important market for global spirits brands, The Asian Spirits Masters 2016 highlighted the region’s prominence when it comes to quality products

The Brandy Masters 2016

The Brandy Masters made a welcome return to The Global Spirits Masters series – and one country in particular shone

The Cognac Masters 2016

Cognac is experiencing a revival from its global lull – but is the category prepared? Our Cognac Masters 2016 reveals the state of play

The Rum Masters 2016

Although fit to burst with flavour and flair, rum is often positioned as the underdog of the brown spirits categories. As our Rum Masters 2016 revealed, now more than ever there’s an expression to entice every palate

The Tequila Masters 2016

Producers of Mexico’s iconic liquid remain determined to shake off the party-hard, shot-slamming image of Tequila as it slips into refined cocktail menus and on to super-premium shelves the world over

The Distillery Masters 2016

New year, new start – and with that, a brand new category in our Global Spirits Masters series: welcome The Distillery Masters 2016

The Global Design Masters 2015

Heritage, storytelling and innovation were the watchwords at this year’s Global Design Masters – and in the digital age never have the three been so difficult to channel in a clever, concise and effective way

The Speciality Spirits Masters 2015

In its second year, the Global Speciality Masters is a clear indicator of how spirits brands can drive innovation in cocktail culture