The Spirits Masters is a series of blind tasting competitions, drawing in entries from across the world. One of the key elements to its success is the quality and the dedication of the judges involved. All judges are completely independent.


Each spirit is judged on its own merit according to the category into which it is entered, and then awarded a Silver, Gold or Master medal.


There is no limit to the number of medals that can be awarded, ensuring that each spirit is judged independently, and not in direct competition with any other spirit.


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The Spirits Masters Awards Lunch 2015

The Spirits Business team invites you to join us in celebration of this year’s Global Spirits Masters’ winners.

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Closing date: 3rd December 2015

The Global Cognac Masters 2015

In what proved to be one of the most medal-laden Masters competitions The Spirits Business has ever hosted, our judges were full of praise for the high quality pours coming out Cognac

The Global Irish Whiskey Masters 2015

While the whisky industry is dominated by headlines warning of Scotch in decline and Bourbon running scarce, Irish whiskey is receiving all the plaudits

The Global World Whisky Masters 2015

Taking on the flagship whisky-producing nations of Scotland, Ireland and the US, distillers from across the globe showed that less fanfare doesn’t mean lower quality

The Global Gin Masters 2015

Few spirits categories offer as much variety – or provide as much fuel for discussion – as gin, and our Global Gin Masters provided the perfect forum

The Global Scotch Whisky Masters 2015

From light, delicate expressions to smoky, leathery profiles, judges had a pleasant challenge on their hands during the record-breaking Global Scotch Whisky Masters 2015

The Global Asian Spirits Masters 2015

This year’s Asian Spirits Masters demonstrated the makings of a lively and compelling era for the region

The Global Rum Masters 2015

This year’s Global Rum Masters judges put a record-breaking number of entries through their paces in our highly anticipated annual blind tasting

The Travel Retail Masters 2014

The great and the good of the spirits world were recognised in our Travel Retail Masters 2014

The Vodka Masters 2014

Is vodka shedding its chameleon character in favour of flavour?

The Cognac Masters 2014

Standards are far from declining in the world of Cognac, as underpinned by this year’s Cognac Masters.

The World Whisky Masters 2014

This year’s World Whisky Masters has highlighted that global progress is not resigned to North America

The Irish Whiskey Masters 2014

The Irish whiskey sector is burgeoning, with more great brands entering the market. This year’s Irish Whiskey Masters entrants showed off that point in style, writes Becky Paskin

The Gin Masters 2014

This year’s Gin Masters showcased how the sector is shifting to offer a more diverse array of products, reflected in the new Contemporary category

The Scotch Whisky Masters 2014

With three new divisions – Grain, Flavoured and No Age Statement – starring in this year’s Scotch Whisky Masters, Becky Paskin reports on the category’s burgeoning creativity

The Asian Spirits Masters 2014

An abundance of medals were awarded at this year’s Asian Spirits Masters, proving the strength and quality of the spirits available on the Asian market

The Rum Masters 2014

From the deep, chocolatey sweetness of dark rum to the earthy, vegetal charms of agricole, it’s no wonder the category’s diversity attracts so many fans, as the judges in the 2014 Rum Masters found