Top 10 no-age-statement Scotch whiskies

As a growing number of Scotch producers admit a scarcity of aged stocks, no-age-statement expressions are becoming more prolific, with a number of exciting new bottles launched in the past 12 months

How to make the perfect aged cocktail

Aged cocktails have become something of a staple in high-end bars across the world in recent years, with each establishment claiming to have discovered the perfect method

The week in pictures

This week saw the launch of two new Singleton whisky expressions, a film screening hosted by an award-winning film critic and the latest Spirit Masters blind tasting

Top 10 flavoured whisky launches

Of all emerging spirits trends, flavoured whisky has attracted the most controversy – here are 10 of the most talked about launches in the category

Top 10 chocolate spirits for Easter

Easter and its accompanying long weekend will soon be upon us, and while chocolate eggs offer traditional indulgence, the spirits fan might prefer one of these decadent chocolate-flavoured bottlings

Top 10 limited edition Scotch launches

Limited edition Scotch whiskies frequently send shock waves through the drinks industry due to their rarity, high price and age, making them coveted items for status chasers across the globe

Key whisky trends for the future

The world has yet to end its love affair with whisky and the spirit’s golden era remains in full swing, but which trends are set to further entice consumers in the future?

The week in pictures

The week in pictures has gone all exotic this time round, from cachaça launch parties with Brazilian dancers to an inaugural competition from a Colombian rum

Ten of the world’s oldest distilleries

The historical roots of distilleries around the world are somewhat muddied, but these 10 sites are generally thought to be some of the oldest distilleries in the world

Has flavoured vodka run its course?

Figures suggest wacky flavours like cupcake and whipped cream have begun to cannibalise the US vodka market. But is the party is over for flavoured vodka?

The 10 biggest spirits trademark battles

The business of spirits trademarking can be a hotly controversial arena, with multi-million pound infringement lawsuits launched on a regular basis

Spirits Business TV

Japanese whisky brand Suntory has launched a new advertising campaign featuring a number of intricate miniature ice sculptures such as an astronaut and the Statue of Liberty

Beam Inc has launched the first television commercial for its small batch Knob Creek Bourbon brand in the US

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