Top six spirits space missions

Outer space might not seem like the natural environment to enjoy a Martini or glass of vodka, but these spirits brands refuse to be constrained by earthly boundaries

The week in pictures

Rock bands, meal worm cocktails, Bourbon tutorials and an Underground Punch Pong League all caught the attention of the spirits industry this week

Top 5 bars in… Liverpool

In the midst of a renaissance, bartenders are creating a booming independent bar industry of their own in Liverpool, UK, full of tikis, speakeasies and dive hangouts

Kentucky’s Bourbon boom in pictures

Last week SB took a tour around Kentucky’s Bourbon distilleries to catch up on their construction, expansion and new innovations. This is what we found.

Top 10 New York speakeasies

The re-emergence of speakeasy bars has taken the global cocktail scene by storm, but New York boasts some of the best clandestine drinking dens in the world

Top 10 spirits trade organisations

The spirits industry could never have achieved the success it boasts today without the dedicated support, representation and unrelenting lobbying efforts of these top 10 trade organisations

The week in pictures

A Hollywood superstar, royal couple, tastings, botanical gardens and whisky culinary delights all got the spirits industry talking this week

Top 10 spirits packaging makeovers

The spirits industry is a fiercely competitive world, with brands constantly striving to stand out from the masses with innovative new bottle designs that communicate their premium status

Top 10 cocktail masterclasses in London

If you struggle to decipher a modern Mojito from a contemporary Caipirinha, or if you’re just looking for some flavour inspiration, it might be worth brushing up your skills with a cocktail masterclass

Top 10 new American whiskey distilleries

American whiskey is currently the fastest-growing spirit category in the world, prompting a number of companies – large and small – to increase their foothold in the sector

The world’s 10 best tiki bars

It’s certainly been a long winter, but as summer tentatively approaches now’s the time to dust off your Hawaiian shirt and seek the tropical solace of these world’s best tiki bars

Spirits Business TV

Rémy Cointreau has released its first webisode under the guidance of new creative director Laetitia Casta

Just last month 12 of the UK’s finest bartenders competed for the chance to win their name on a limited edition batch of Edgerton Pink Gin in a tense cocktail competition

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