Confessions of a spirits retail buyer: Waitrose

Herchelle Perez Terrado, spirits buyer for UK supermarket Waitrose, discusses her penchant for gin and Tequila, what products the British public are buying and her busy inbox

The world’s top 10 tiny bars

The phrase “good things come in small packages” certainly applies to this list of the world’s tiniest drinking dens, which includes a historic signal box and stranded Caribbean shack

Top 16 spirits at TFWA Cannes 2014

TFWA Cannes is back for its 30th year, with a stellar line-up of new spirits from Scotch to liqueurs and flavoured vodka searching for glory in travel retail

The week in pictures

Lots of cocktail competitions culminated in grand finales this week, while Becks released the first TV ad for his Haig Club whisky

Demand growing for barrel-aged gin

The gin renaissance has resurrected a practice for barrel-ageing, but as Becky Paskin finds, there’s a fine line between creating a cask-rested gin and a botanical-flavoured whisky

Top 10 UK distilleries to open in 2014

Hoards of investors have rushed to open new distilleries in the UK over the past 12 months, as the spirits renaissance continues to flourish

Are drinkers turned off by bar dress codes?

Two bar group managers discuss whether imposing a dress code is necessary to create the ‘right’ image, or if doing so comes at the price of alienating customers

Top 10 cinnamon flavoured whiskies

Whisky producers the world over have been embracing the flavour phenomenon, but it’s not just honey leading the trend as cinnamon expressions vie to capture consumers’ attention

Top 10 most beautiful Cognac bottles

While the age-old expression “it’s what’s on the inside that counts” also applies to Cognac, it is a category which has some of the most beautiful, extravagant and indeed expensive bottles in the business

Johnnie Walker: a brand history

From humble beginnings in Scotland, Johnnie Walker has journeyed to dominate the global whisky market and become the world’s best selling Scotch

Top 10 tips to turn a cocktail into a classic

Bartenders are constantly striving to break boundaries when it comes to cocktail innovation, but creating a classic to stand the test of time is no easy feat

Spirits Business TV

Diageo has launched the first TV advert for single grain Scotch whisky Haig Club, directed by Guy Ritchie and featuring David Beckham

David Beckham celebrated the global roll out of his Haig Club whisky at a launch party attended by his business partner Simon Fuller, wife Victoria Beckham and Gordon Ramsay

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