The week in pictures

This week’s pictures are largely made up of glamorous awards parties, celebrity sightings and global cocktail competitions

Australia witnessing craft spirits boom

The Australian market is witnessing a craft spirits boom in both the on- and off-trade, but it’s not without its tax and licensing problems

Top 10 must-have spirits apps

With technology providing us with better and faster solutions to most aspects of our lives, it’s no surprise that imbibers continue to ditch the classic recipe book and embrace the smartphone app

Gordon’s Gin: a brand history

As the world’s top international gin brand and with its 250th anniversary approaching, Gordon’s really has stood the test of time.

Top 4 bars in… London

With one of the best cocktail scenes in the world, it’s no wonder bar owners in London are seeking to extend their empires, as BarChick discovers

The week in pictures

An abundance of cocktail competitions, a star-studded party and a royal honour all feature in our roundup of spirits industry events this week

Top 10 drinks for Chinese New Year

China may still be clamping down on extravagant spending, but there is an array of luxurious and fun spirits and cocktails out there to celebrate the Year of the Ram

Top 10 moments in Tequila history

More than any other spirit category, the Tequila industry is laden with mythology and folklore – but which historical events made the sector what it is today?

Are consumer cocktail choices gendered?

Cocktail culture likes to think of itself as a forward-thinking force in the drinks industry, but do gender stereotypes still affect what mix customers order?

Cognac in pictures

Drinks writers from around the globe flocked to Cognac last week for a comprehensive tour of the region led by the Bureau National Interprofessionel du Cognac

Top 10 celebrities immortalised by cocktails

They say you’ve never really made it in Hollywood until you’re given a star on the Walk of Fame, launched a ship perhaps, or had a bartender name a cocktail in your honour

Spirits Business TV

Edgerton Pink Gin has spent the past week wooing women on the streets of London, and turned the adventure into a marketing video the brand hopes will go viral in time for Valentine’s Day tomorrow

The Balvenie has partnered with US chef and TV personality Anthony Bourdain on a series of initiatives aimed at highlighting and rewarding “true craft”

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