The week in pictures

From sipping cocktails in Kensington and competitions in Shoreditch to visiting Bruichladdich in Islay, it’s been another varied week of events in the spirits industry

Top 10 bars inspired by books

While there’s little better than curling up with a good book, sipping a story-themed cocktail in a literary-inspired bar comes close

Top 10 bartender-created spirits brands

Bartenders’ acumen stretches far beyond a mean shake and refined palate, with a number of mixologists launching successful stand-alone spirits brands

Top 5 bars in… Seoul, Korea

Thanks to a burgeoning interest in western-style serves, mixology in Korea is on the rise. But where are the best spots to enjoy a sophisticated drink in the capital, Seoul?

Top 10 Shakespeare drinks quotes

As the world celebrates the Bard’s 400th birthday, it’s only fitting to take another look at Shakespeare’s finest drinks quotes

London’s ‘oldest’ hotel unveils globetrotting cocktail menu

The Donovan Bar at Brown’s Hotel is readying to launch its new ‘Around the Globe’ cocktail menu, a sensory “exploration” of the seven continents led by scented cards

The week in pictures

There’s no time for rest in the spirits industry when there are gin and tonics to be drunk, cocktail competitions to be judged and Bourbon, Tequila and rum tastings to be enjoyed

Top six English whisky producers

As St George’s Day approaches this weekend, we take a look at some of the distilleries spearheading the English whisky movement

Wenneker Swizzle Masters Italian Apéritif finalists

With longer days and sunnier evenings nigh, we challenged Swizzlers to come up with a series of light, refreshing pre-dinner drinks to whet the appetite of our judging panel

Top seven new spirits books for Spring 2016

Imbibing bookworms rejoice! From cocktail culture to liquid history, Spring 2016’s batch of spirited books delights both the eyes and the palate

Martinique with Trois Rivières Rhum in pictures

Martinique provided a paradise backdrop for the grand final of the very first Trois Rivières Rhumbellion cocktail competition

Spirits Business TV

Next up in The Balvenie’s series of short films exploring ‘craftsmanship’ with famed chef Michel Roux Jr., organic farmers shed some light on their industry

Jägermeister has hosted what is thought to be the world’s first gig on land, sea and air in collaboration with Matt Tuck, lead singer of rock band Bullet For My Valentine

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