Trump Vodka pulled from Israeli retailers

3rd January, 2017 by Amy Hopkins

Bottles of Donald Trump’s defunct vodka brand have been pulled from shelves in Israel after the country’s Chief Rabbinate found them to be non-compliant with kosher regulations.


Founded by the US president elect Donald Trump, Trump Vodka is now only sold in Israel

The Times of Israel reports that the Chief Rabbinate of Israel – the supreme authority for Judaism in the country – ordered a batch of Trump Vodka to be pulled from supermarket shelves, claiming the bottles had been imported without proper kosher licensing.

While the bottles bear the labels of both the Badatz Igud Rabbonim and Israeli Chief Rabbinate, they did not receive the stamp of the Rabbinate’s import division.

In order to be deemed kosher, products imported into Israel must bear the label of the Israeli Chief Rabbinate’s import unit, which communicates between foreign and domestic kashrut authorities.

Launched in 2005, Trump Vodka was discontinued in the US six years later following poor sales. The brand, which was marketed with the slogan ‘Success Distilled’, is now only sold in Israel.

In 2015, the Chief Rabbinate of Israel claimed that  “vast quantities” of the world’s biggest Scotch brand, Johnnie Walker, were not certified as kosher and so revoked the kosher certification of the brand’s major Israeli importer.

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