Top 10 ‘top 10s’ of 2016

10th January, 2017 by Nicola Carruthers

Top tips for hangovers, the most unusual whisky cask finishes and family-owned spirits companies – these are our most read ‘top 10s’ of 2016.

Bartenders reveal their very best hangover-fighting tips

All manner of articles generated interest on The Spirits Business‘s website last year

Last year was certainly hectic for the spirits industry – so to review of 2016 we’ve nailed down some of our most read top 10s of 2016, ranging from the educational to the light-hearted.

One particular theme which proved popular among our best top 10s of 2016 was unusual spirits, which were given the spotlight in our top 10 most unusual rums and top 10 unusual whisky cask finishes.

Which other top 10s were the most popular among our readers? Click through the following pages to find out.

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