D1 London gin and vodka to enter Chinese market

10th January, 2017 by Nicola Carruthers

D1 London Spirits is set to launch its London Gin and Potato Vodka in China, in partnership with Chinese brand agency Spirits Architects.


D1 London Spirits partners with Spirits Architects to launch its London Gin and Potato Vodka in China

D1 London Gin is made from an array of botanicals, including nettles that are hand-selected by a master tea blender.

While D1 Potato Vodka is distilled through seven column stills, non-filtered and said to offer a “velvet-soft mouth feel and creamy taste”.

Dominic Limbrey from D1 London Spirits, said: “We’re hugely excited to be entering the China market, which I believe is set to continue its dynamic expansion and appreciation of super premium spirits.

“Working with Spirits Architects provides us with the best platform to ensure our brand and products are both well placed and understood by our Chinese customers.

“We know that Spirits Architects will support the activation of the D1 brand with effective spirits training and education using our products to produce superb craft cocktails tailored to local tastes.”

With a background in the luxury food and beverage sector, Spirits Architects operates a number of cocktail bars and provide consultancy to high-end venues to help create cocktail menus and luxury guest experiences.

Bastien Ciocca and Andrew Ho, the founders of Spirits Architects said: “We’ve seen a constant evolution in the Chinese market, with a growing curiosity and demand for refined cocktail experiences and premium spirits.”

In October last year, D1 London Spirits launched a bar ‘twinning’ concept across Europe and South East Asia.

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