Were these the biggest spirits trends of 2016?

30th December, 2016 by admin

At the start of the year, we asked industry buffs which trends they thought would mould each category in 2016. Were their forecasts correct? SB looks back…

crystal-ballLooking across each leading category in the sector, SB called on a panel of industry experts to predict which trends would have the industry talking in 2016.

From new regions and artisan production in vodka, to a surge in mezcal popularity, a number of these predictions came true – while others fell by the wayside.

Here, we look back and analyse how some trends triumphed, while others didn’t quite have the expected affect.

Click through the following pages to discover the top spirits trends in 2016.

One Response to “Were these the biggest spirits trends of 2016?”

  1. JTraut says:

    Nice article. The usual suspects on the list. I see whiskey is a big winner, be it irish, scottish or american.
    I’ve only recently become a big fan of gin. There are so many options. I only ever thought there was the Gordon’s gin type, that’s before I became slightly knowledgeable.

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