Highland Park launches ‘apocalyptic’ Fire Edition

3rd November, 2016 by Amy Hopkins

Highland Park has launched a 15-year-old whisky matured exclusively in refill Port wine casks that pays homage to a Viking tale about the end of the world.


Highland Park Fire Edition is inspired by a Viking tale about the end of the world

Highland Park Fire Edition completes a two-part series of special edition bottlings that celebrate myths and legends of the Viking age and follows the launch of Highland Park Ice Edition in March this year.

It is the first single malt whisky from Edrington-owned Highland Park completely matured in refill Port wine seasoned casks.

“Maturing our distinctive whisky in 100% refill Port wine seasoned casks is a first for Highland Park and the result is a vibrant 15-year-old single malt with an abv of 45.2%,” said Jason R. Craig, brand director for Highland Park.

“Fire Edition has a slight reddish hue, (which is its natural colour), intense aromas of ruby red fruits, light smoke and a long, lingering finish. However, it is still, unmistakeably, Highland Park.”

The whisky is bottled in crimson red glass, representing the “molten world” of the Fire Giants from Viking mythology, and also features a black wooden cradle and stopper.

Legend has it that the evil Surtr led his fellow Fire Giants into an apocalyptic battle with the gods, burning everything in sight. The world perished in the blaze, but a new earth was recreated from the ashes.

A total of 28,000 bottles of Highland Park Fire Edition will be released at the end of November and will roll out internationally throughout December and into 2017.

The whisky will be available in more than 15 markets globally at an RRP of £190.

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