Gordon’s Gin debuts ‘Shall we…?’ campaign

4th November, 2016 by Nicola Carruthers

Gordon’s Gin has unveiled a new marketing campaign titled ‘Shall we…?’, which invites consumers to enjoy a gin and tonic in the early evening.


Each advertisement will send a ‘stop and enjoy’ message

The brand’s latest campaign has been created by advertising agency Anomaly to present ‘a simple but meaningful statement’ against the crowded gin category.

Each advertisement in the campaign will target a 5pm “stop and enjoy” moment with playful messaging and simple visuals that include images of gin and tonic serves with the newly designed Gordon’s bottle.

Annalisa Tedeschi, head of Gordon’s Gin at Diageo, said: “Since 1769, Gordon’s has been present in people’s lives and has travelled around the globe as an inherently joyful brand.

“With this campaign, we intend to make a simple but meaningful statement: an invitation to enjoy a bloody good Gordon’s and tonic in the early evening.”

The campaign is set to be rolled out across out of home, digital and social channels.

In August this year, Gordon’s gin revamped its packaging with a “bold, distinctive and contemporary design” that reflects the “quality and heritage” of the brand.


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