‘World’s first’ levitating glassware created

10th August, 2016 by Nicola Carruthers

A Chicago-based inventor has developed levitating glasses using “electromagnetic suspension” to create a unique drinking experience.

levitating cup

The LevitatingCUP can float in mid-air from room to room, using “electromagnetic suspension”

Founder Joel Paglione has created LevitatingCUP, a range of glasses which float in an electromagnetic field generated between the base and magnets on the cups’ bottoms.

The ‘world’s first’ gravity defying glassware aims to “enhance drinking experience” and counter foodie culture, by bringing the wow factor to beverages.

Paglione launched a Kickstarter campaign last month to raise US$50,000 and bring the glasses to market, already reaching three-quarters of his goal.

Paglione told the LA Times: “It’s unfortunate the glassware hasn’t gotten enough attention, I want to bring the drink back and make it part of the show.”

The cup is made from ultra-lightweight yet durable faux-glass to ensure the cup can handle the added weight of any beverage.

Every LevitatingCUP comes with an attachable levitating assist, which will keep the cup stable until the assist is removed.

The base also comes in both a wired version and a chargeable wireless option. The wired version requires the base to be plugged in to a power outlet to work, while the wireless version can last up to eight hours on a single charge, transporting the floating cup from room to room.

The LevitatingCUP range includes cups for cocktails, coffee, beer and dessert, as well as levitating plates and pillows.

A number of quirky cocktail tools have made waves in the industry in recent years, including the “world’s first” levitating cocktail machine.

2 Responses to “‘World’s first’ levitating glassware created”

  1. Chris Bewley says:

    Joel Paglione did not create this. He stole it off Jack Sotti of England, living in Australia and is the reigning, defending World Class Bartender Champion of Australia. A competition where this concept was truly a “world first”.

  2. Justin Smyth says:

    Unfortunately not the a “Worlds First”… I was in Cape Town in 2015 to witness Jack Sotti present it at the Global World Class Cocktail competition…. Great that Joel has brought it to the masses but he is most definitely NOT the first !!!!

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