Top 10 whiskies with strange backstories

22nd August, 2016 by Annie Hayes

Mythical beasts, beloved pets and bacon-flavoured cocktails are just a few of the strange situations which have inspired whiskies of the world – SB reveals 10 top whisky narratives.


We reveal our top 10 spirits backstories

From fantasy and folklore to cherished family members, a plethora of spirits on the market were born from unusual scenarios – and in no category is this truer than whisk(e)y.

Serving as a USP, the brand story is key to almost every marketing campaign, and often determines the success of the liquid before it even hits the shelf.

Take a peek through our rundown – which includes a four-strong Norse-inspired collection, a blended Scotch inspired by a long line of Fox Terriers, and a dalliance with the devil in the village of Bowmore.

Click through the following pages to discover our pick of the top 10 whiskies with strange backstories. 

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