Publisher plots 805 US distilleries on map

28th June, 2016 by Kristiane Sherry

German publisher Alba-Collection has launched ‘Bourbon – Rye – Whiskey Distilleries in USA’, said to be the “most detailed subject map of its kind”.

Alba-Collection has launched the ‘Bourbon – Rye – Whiskey Distilleries in USA’ whisky map

Alba-Collection has launched the ‘Bourbon – Rye – Whiskey Distilleries in USA’ whiskey map

The map, available in formats up to 40 × 28 inch, was designed to show the “great variety” of American whiskey producers today.

“Apart from a few dozens of large distilleries, we also found many hundreds of small craft and micro distilleries, which fall into 10 distinct whiskey categories,” the publisher said in a statement.

“This also shows the enormous upswing whiskey has taken in the USA during the past years.”

The map is accompanied by a 24-page booklet, which includes details of all 805 distilleries, and is supplemented by a set of 12 regional whiskey maps drawn up due to the high density of distilleries in some areas.

Bourbon – Rye – Whiskey Distilleries in USA joins Alba-Collections other whisk(e)y maps: Canadian Whisky Distilleries and Whisky Distilleries in Japan.

Earlier this year, restaurant bookings website released a “definitive” gin map of Scotland ahead of World Gin Day.

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