New e-cigarette brand offers ‘smokable’ cocktails

3rd June, 2016 by Amy Hopkins

E-cigarette brand London Fox has created a range of “smokable” cocktails, designed to bring back the “sexy, classy language of smoking”.


London Fox is a new e-cigarette brand that has been designed for cocktail pairing

London Fox’s range, said to “add another dimension to the drinking experience” and challenge the “two dimensional” traditional e-cigarette flavours, has been designed to be paired with cocktails, wines and beers.

Examples include Refresh, a blend of peppermint with notes of star anise and rose water that has been designed to be paired with the classic Champagne-based French 75 cocktail, and Silver, which should be consumed alongside craft beer or chilled white wine.

“London Fox is bringing back the sexy, classy language of smoking, harking back to the days where cigarettes were powerful props, where celluloid sexual tension was conveyed through a captivating plume of smoke, the likes of James Dean and Audery Hepburn with a contemporary twist,” the brand said.

London Fox e-cigarettes do not need to be charged are described as “fuss-free” products that are “ultra-lightweight”.

The range will launch at east London cocktail bar The Sun Tavern on 23 June.

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  1. Steven says:

    Love the twist of this and they look great

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