California distillery creates cannabis vodka

22nd April, 2016 by Amy Hopkins

California’s Humboldt Distillery is the latest spirits producer to launch a cannabis-infused vodka, called Humboldt’s Finest.

Newly launched Humboldt's Finest is infused with cannabis stavia

Newly launched Humboldt’s Finest is infused with cannabis stavia

The vodka is infused with cannabis stavia and made with local and legally grown hemp, which is distinguished from marijuana by having a THC content less than 0.3%.

Humboldt’s Finest is distributed by Young’s Market Co. and the newly Breakthru Beverage Group and is available throughout California and Colorado.

Said to have a “unique botanical aroma”, “herbal character” and “smooth finish”, the vodka joins Humboldt’s range organic vodka and spiced rum.

The distillery said it decided to create the variant due to “consumer demand” for “local flavour” and was able to launch Humboldt’s Finest following the passage of the 2014 United States Farm Bill, which distinguishes hemp from marijuana.

“Humboldt’s Finest doesn’t have the THC that you’d find in marijuana, so it’s not going to get anyone in trouble with the law,” said Abe Stevens, founder of Humboldt Distillery.

“It does, however, retain an herbal and aromatic quality reminiscent of fresh cannabis, which inspired us to create two brand new specialty cocktails to showcase its unique flavour.”

Humboldt Distillery also intends to release an organic vodka and aged rum.

3 Responses to “California distillery creates cannabis vodka”

  1. There is no Cannabis in this product. It is- and always will be HEMP.. which is not psychoactive.

    so why does the label read Cannabis Sativa when there is none?

    and the caption reads Cannabis Stavia.. What is that?

    I wrote Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails and Tonics- that is my qualification for this comment. Know a thing about what is hemp and what is Cannabis Sativa.

    • Daniel says:

      Apparently you don’t know as much as you think you do, Warren. Cannabis sativa is the botanical name for both hemp and marijuana. The THC content makes no difference to the botanical name.

  2. Jazmin Guzman says:

    My name is Jazmin I’m from New York and I would like information on where I can get a hold of this bottle …. If there’s any chance of you giving me the information of where I can place my order online o would really appreciate it

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