‘World’s first’ vegan cocktail foamer launches

2nd March, 2016 by Annie Hayes

Vancouver-based bitters producer, Ms. Better’s, has introduced the “world’s first” vegan botanical foamer for cocktails, intended for use in place of egg whites.


A vegan cocktail made using The Foamer

Named The Foamer, the new product is a “function-forward” bitter intended to foam rather than flavour.

Made from a “neutral spirit” with three “proprietary organic botanicals” macerated in, The Foamer is intended for use in both classic cocktails that call for egg whites such as fizzes and sours, along with original creations.

The new product, which can be stored at room temperature, is “ideal” for vegans and people with an egg allergy.

A statement from Ms. Betters said: “In blind testing around North America we’ve found that people cannot tell the difference. It gives a creamy mouthfeel and frothy head that doesn’t dissipate. The molecules bind differently than egg whites. We’ve noted that egg whites have a muting effect on flavor whereas the Foamer sort of melts away on the palate revealing a juicier drink.”

To use, Ms. Better’s advise substituting eggs whites for six droppers of The Foamer, dry shaking, then hard shaking with ice.

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