Top women who have made spirits history

17th March, 2016 by Kristiane Sherry

In celebration of Women’s History Month, SB rounds up some of the female movers and shakers who have shaped the spirits industry.

This is our selection of women from history who have shaped the spirits industry

This is our selection of women from history who have shaped the spirits industry

As our recent Top 10 Female Master Blenders and Distillers round-up showed, excellence in spirits can never be confined to a single gender. And, looking back through the history of spirits, the statement certainly holds true.

With the help of the design team at Purple Creative, join us on a whistle-stop tour through the last 2,000+ years of spirits production, celebrating the women who have worked, invented and campaigned their way into the spirits history books.

Click through to discover this group of pioneers, listed in date order.

Have we missed anyone off the list? Let us know in the comments section below.

2 Responses to “Top women who have made spirits history”

  1. Eline MADRONA says:

    Dear Kristiane,

    Yes, unfortunately you missed Marie Brizard, the first French master liquorist.

    She was a bold & agile pionner : she founded her company in 1755, in Bordeaux, France, at a time when women were even not allowed to sign a paper !
    She was a liquor creator. And she inspired generations of sensations lovers with best quality liquors and unexpected flavours.

    Today, in Marie Brizard range, we have more than 150 references , qualitative & aromatic partners for creative cockatils makers in bar or at home.

    If you need further information, I would be happy to tell you more about the brand and its roots.

    Eline MADRONA
    Marie Brizard Brand Director

  2. Alan Moss says:

    Women were also responsible both for the creation of absinthe in the 18th century (when it was first made as a medicinal cure-all), and for keeping absinthe alive when it was banned during the 20th century.

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