Bartender accidentally sets customer on fire

17th March, 2016 by Annie Hayes

Footage of a bartender accidentally setting a patron alight while pouring alcohol onto a flaming cocktail has surfaced online.


Footage of a bartender accidentally setting a female patron alight has been posted online

In the video, which was filmed at a bar in Moscow, the barman is seen setting three tall glasses alight, before pouring alcohol on to the blue flames.

As he reaches the second cocktail, a man sitting nearby plays with a straw and blows into it.

A ball of flames erupts from the drink, engulfing the woman’s face and setting her clothes on fire.

The incident was posted to Facebook by Indonesian Glorion Daten, although it is not known if he is linked to the original video.

It is believed the woman is to be paid damages of 2 million rubles (nearly £20,000) by the bar following the accident.

View the video in full below.

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