Top 10 most investible Scotch brands 2015

8th February, 2016 by Amy Hopkins

Liquid from silent distilleries makes up seven of the 10 most investible Scotch whisky brands, according to RW101’s latest Investors’ Index for 2015.


These are the most investible Scotch whisky brands in 2015, according to RW101

Last week, rare whisky index, valuation and brokerage firm Rare Whisky 101 (RW101) revealed that the rare whisky market “significantly outperformed” many other well established asset classes, including fine wine and gold.

While Japanese whisky brand Karuizawa reported a value increase of unprecedented rapidity, a number of Scotch whisky brands also saw their values skyrocket.

Launched in 2014, RW101’s Investors’ Index tracks changes in the value of Scotch whisky brands, giving investors unique insight into the market.

In 2015, the Index demonstrated that silent stills “remain the most significant target-pool of stock”, with seven of the 10 most investible Scotch whisky brands hailing from mothballed or closed sites.

RW101 also notes “continued demand for peated whiskies” as Ardbeg, Bowmore, and Lagavulin – while not in the top 10 – move up the top 30 league table. The firm also identifies Springbank and Glenfarclas as “emerging targets”, however both fail to make the top 10 list.

Not all brands with rare bottlings proved to be a savvy choice for investors in 2015.

The Balvenie’s secondary market “woes” continued as it slumped to 17th place in the Index due to what RW101 believes to be a “lack of collectible releases, price/volume increases for the Tun 1401 replacement and a damp reception for the 50-year-old casks”. But fortunes could be turned around based on early auction results for the brand’s new The DCS Compendium.

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