Forest Gin unveils porcelain packaging redesign

24th February, 2016 by Melita Kiely

Forest Gin has partnered with Stoke-on-Trent pottery firm Wade Ceramics to redesign its packaging and create the only gin bottle available in English porcelain.


The new Forest Gin bottle is the only brand available in English porcelain

The small batch ultra-premium gin brand was first launched in January 2015 and until now was packaged in German stoneware bottles.

However, the family who founded Forest Gin – Karl, Lindsay and Harriet Bond from Macclesfield, UK – had always intended to use locally sourced materials for their brand whenever possible.

Karl Bond said: “We have always been very proud of the original bottle, but the chance to change to Staffordshire Porcelain was just too good to miss.

“Everyone at Wade has been so helpful with the process, and to see the finished product is amazing.

“We truly believe that this is the world’s most beautiful gin bottle and just hope that our customers agree with us.”

The new design boasts a “rounded octagon” shape, with much of the manufacturing of each bottle carried out by hand at Wade’s factory in Stoke-on-Trent.

This includes the application of the paper cut weasel design by artist Suzy Taylor and the numbering of each bottle.

Lindsay Bond, co-founder of Forest Gin, added: “Wade were set up as a small business back in 1810, providing bottles for the beer breweries of the time.

“For us to connect our family business with theirs feels really special, and it would be amazing if Forest Gin was still being produced in 100 years’ time.”

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