Woodford Reserve launches white corn Bourbon

21st October, 2015 by Amy Hopkins

Woodford Reserve has released a limited edition white corn Bourbon that reflects the production processes used by distillers in the mid-1800s.


Woodford Reserve’s latest Master’s Collection bottling replaces yellow corn for white corn

Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection 1838 Style White Corn pays tribute to distillers Oscar Pepper and James Crow and their original use of white corn to make whiskey from the late-1830s to the 1850s.

Using original production records, master distiller Chris Morris created a recipe similar to those created by Pepper and Crow, who distilled at the present day site of the Woodford Reserve Distillery.

“This Master’s Collection release has, in a way, allowed us to go back in time and create a new bourbon by drawing upon materials from our distillery’s historic past,” says Morris.

“Focusing on white corn and honoring the landmark work of Pepper and Crow, we worked to produce an expression that we hope they would approve of.”

Each of the Master’s Collection bottlings focuses on one of the five sources of flavour that create Woodford Reserve’s taste profile.

This latest addition to the range replaces Woodford Reserve’s traditional yellow corn with white corn, which is added to a rye and malt base. Morris uses the same barrels and yeast used to create other Woodford Reserve expressions.

The 1838 Style White Corn Bourbon is said to have a “lighter body” and “softer, sweeter, fruit-forward taste profile”.

“Year after year, our Master’s Collection is always a favourite of mine to produce, as I enjoy seeing how even the slightest of variations can yield a dramatically different whiskey,” added Morris.

“What’s truly exciting with 1838 Style White Corn is that by simply changing the corn used, we’ve created a spirit that is new for fans of Woodford Reserve yet still traditional and a perfect representation of our rich heritage.”

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