Drizly delivery competitor Saucey raises $4.5m

2nd September, 2015 by Amy Hopkins

On-demand alcohol delivery service Saucey has raised US$4.5m in seed funding to expand its business across the US.


Saucey will now expand into markets outside of California after raising US$4.5m

The company has received funding from investors including Blumberg Capital, Structure Capital and Altpoint Ventures, among others, to expand into Chicago, the first market where Saucey has launched outside of California.

Saucey claims to be a “major differentiator” in the burgeoning on-demand alcohol delivery sector since it is the only company to have “control of the delivery experience” with its own courier fleets.

Most other such service providers act as a third party platform for drinks delivery, and partner retailers deliver the products to consumers.

In addition to expanding its consumer base, Saucey will use the funds to introduce “advanced purchasing tools” and further its “data and advertising capabilities” with alcohol brands.

“Our number one focus has always been providing a fast, reliable and an undeniably better customer experience that people love, which fundamentally shifts their buying behaviour,” said Chris Vaughn, CEO of Saucey.

“As we’re transforming the future of alcohol retail and introducing never before seen off-premise consumer data, we’ve had tremendous support from some of the largest alcohol brands in the world.

“This round of funding enables us to aggressively increase our penetration in the key markets of the US, and continue bringing better shopping experiences to the US$10 billion a year retail alcohol business.”

The on-demand alcohol delivery industry has witnessed rapid growth in recent months, and while the market leader is currently Drizly, a number of other service providers have launched to capture market share in the burgeoning sector.

“Saucey is changing an industry that has been almost completely untouched by technology,” said David Blumberg, managing partner at Blumberg Capital.

“Their service is simply the easiest and most reliable way to buy alcohol in cities where they operate. Their unique model also helps brands build powerful new marketing capabilities.”

In addition to Chicago, Saucey offers its service in Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco, and plans to launch in Dallas at a later date.

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