Company creates ‘world’s first’ sweet potato vodka

28th August, 2015 by Annie Hayes

California-based spirits company Corbin has claimed it has produced the “world’s first” vodka made from sweet potatoes.


More than 10 pounds of sweet potatoes are used in the production of each bottle of vodka

Corbin California Estate Grown Sweet Potato Vodka is the latest spirit to join the company’s portfolio of sweet potato-based variants, made from produce grown on the Souza family’s farm in Jan Joaquin Valley.

Marketed as a small batch distilled sprit, the vodka requires more than 10 pounds of sweet potatoes and the assistance of around “100 hands” to produce each bottle.

Bottled at 40% abv, it’s described as having a “creamy mouthfeel and medium body, with nutty caramel undertones” and “a hint of sweetness on its smooth finish”.

The vodka joins Corbin California Estate Grown Western Dry Gin, Corbin Cash Barrel Reserve Sweet Potato Liqueur, Corbin Cash Blended Whiskey, and Corbin Cash Merced Rye Whiskey.

The Corbin portfolio is available online, and in a number of retailers in Georgia.
Earlier this year a family-run distillery in County Antrim produced what is believed to be Ireland’s first potato vodka.


2 Responses to “Company creates ‘world’s first’ sweet potato vodka”

  1. I guess their claim of first sweet potato vodka was made without taking five minutes to do a Google search. Covington Vodka in North Carolina has been out for several years and is made with sweet potatoes. Good try, California.

  2. David Souza says:

    Dear Mr Eagleston,

    Actually the article is written correctly. If you take the time to do a search whether it be google, periodicals or the Worlds Spirits Competition you will see that there were actually two sweet potato vodkas out long before Covington! As the creator of the worlds first sweet potato vodka called High Roller licensed back in 2009 and then renamed Corbin in 2012 to match the rest of our spirit line I can assure you we were on the market first and the Zachlawi brand from the North East was clearly second a year or more later. Just so there is clarification for future reference we also have the worlds first Sweet Potato Gin, Sweet Potato Liqueur, and Sweet Potato Whiskey. Hopefully this will clear up the confusion so that it doesn’t look like the countless articles written about us, tv shows, and news casts that we have been covered in over the years have been done by smart people who have done their research and not just taken our word for it.

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