Famous Grouse adds whisky under ‘new vision’

15th July, 2015 by Amy Hopkins

Edrington has added a new variant to the core portfolio of The Famous Grouse blended Scotch whisky as part of an “ambitious redevelopment plan” for the brand.


The Famous Grouse Mellow Gold is described as having a “subtly sweeter, mellow flavour”

In addition to the launch of The Famous Grouse Mellow Gold, Edrington has also unveiled new packaging for the brand. Both initiatives are said to “challenge perceptions around blended Scotch”.

The Famous Grouse Mellow Gold has been aged in Sherry and Bourbon casks and is described as having a “subtly sweeter, mellow flavour” with a “touch more Sherry” than other Famous Grouse whiskies.

Meanwhile, the core expression of The Famous Grouse features a new label design, bottle shape and a more premium closure and “metallised” paper designed to enhance shelf standout.

Edrington said that in line with its redevelopment plan, which affects the family range of The Famous Grouse, changes to peated expression The Black Grouse will also be revealed later this year.

“The launch of The Famous Grouse Mellow Gold is an important step in the realisation of our new vision for The Famous Grouse portfolio.,” said Johna Penman, marketing controller at Maxxium UK, distributor of The Famous Grouse.

“It has been carefully crafted to support our parent brand, The Famous Grouse, which enjoys the great accolade of being Scotland’s favourite whisky for over 30 years.

“Bringing a beautiful balance to the portfolio’s flavour profile, The Famous Grouse Mellow Gold joins The Black Grouse as another premium extension of the brand, further enhancing our quality message.”

Penman added that the new bottle design for The Famous Grouse has been developed in response to consumer demand for higher quality packaging.

The Famous Grouse Mellow Gold will be available from July 2015 at an RRP of £22.

Earlier this month Edrington revealed a new packaging design for The Ginger Grouse RTD to create a “much stronger link” to the whisky brand.

4 Responses to “Famous Grouse adds whisky under ‘new vision’”

  1. Robin Wilbourn says:

    The original label stood for traditional standards, undisputed quality, and was instantly recognisable bordering on iconic. Whats to change or have you tinkered with the product????

  2. bahia says:

    The new famous grouse tastes slightly different to the original, are you able to tell me what has changed because something has.

  3. peter says:

    As bahia says – what have they changed in the blend of the regular famous grouse? It is nowhere near as smooth and has an unpleasant aftertaste. Why did they change it? I don’t like the new bottle either, but that;s not so important. They have spoiled my favourite drink.

  4. Big Splash says:

    Why would anyone try so hard to SPOIL such a beautiful whisky . Lets put things back in order so all us Grouse lovers can return to the norm.

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