TV host Zane Lamprey launches Monkey Rum

18th June, 2015 by Amy Hopkins

American television host, actor, editor and writer Zane Lamprey has released a new collection of barrel-aged rum following a successful crowd-funding bid.


Zane Lamprey’s Monkey Rum is available in a limited number of US states

Lamprey, who has hosted a number of TV exploring drinking cultures in different countries, including Drinking Made Easy and Chug, first unveiled the rum range last year.

Following the initial seed launch on Kickstarter, his Monkey Rum with Toasted Coconut and Monkey Spiced Rum are now available in New Jersey, California and Florida.

“I set out to create a Rum that captured the spirit of my adventures—a more evolved rum compared to what was available on the market,” said Lamprey. “After years of refinement and testing, this product is something I am incredibly proud of.”

The name of the brand refers to Lamprey’s drinking “companion”, Pleepleus the monkey who appeared in each of his shows. References to Pleepleus can be found in “at least a dozen” locations on the bottle.

Monkey Rum bottles has been designed to be “re-purposed”, with ridges around the vessels which designate areas they can be cut and used as glassware.

Bottled at 35% abv, Monkey Rum is said to be infused with “natural flavours” with “less sugar content than traditional flavoured rums.

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