Hendrick’s unveils historical Martini stirring device

17th June, 2015 by Annie Hayes

Hendrick’s Gin has used a blueprint from the 1930s to create a limited number of “labour saving” Martini-stirring devices which have been installed in select bars across London.


A glimpse of ‘The Hendrick’s Labour Saving Mechanical Martini Mechanism’

Dubbed “The Hendrick’s Labour Saving Mechanical Martini Mechanism”, the device – which took three years of research, material sourcing and design trials – takes inspiration from a similar mechanism introduced in the 1930s.

It was designed by Hendrick’s Andy Wallace, and is made from hand-blown glass from Italy and secured by an inscribed metal body.

The user pumps a handle at the top of the device, which begins the stirring motion of a ladle long enough to reach the bottom of the pitcher.

A limited number of the Martini Mechanisms have been made available to high-end London cocktail bars, Berners Tavern and Carousel, who will create a martini using the apparatus on request.

A statement from Hendrick’s said: “Requiring just two integral ingredients – gin and vermouth, the Martini is a cocktail that lets the liquid do the talking and when made with the delightfully unusual rose and cucumber infused Hendrick’s Gin, is a cocktail not to be forgotten.

“While the Martini is a simple soul there is an art to truly perfect it.  As one of the most revered drinks in the world with a legacy to rival the most renowned historical figures, the Martini requires a ritual if one really wants to do it justice.

“Many have tried over the years to create the ultimate companion to this illustrious cocktail, and this June, Hendrick’s Gin will unveil a labour saving device designed to create a faultless Martini, every time.”

“This curious contraption has given a new lease of life to a device that, without Hendrick’s would have been confined to the dusty shelf of cocktail paraphernalia.”

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