The world’s 10 best tiki bars

13th April, 2015 by Amy Hopkins

It’s certainly been a long winter, but as summer tentatively approaches now’s the time to dust off your Hawaiian shirt and seek the tropical solace of these world’s best tiki bars.

From Los Angeles to Hong Kong, these are the world's 10 best tiki bars

From Berlin to Hong Kong, these are the world’s 10 best tiki bars

Tiki bars are Polynesian-style, exotically themed venues which rose to prominence in the US during the 1930s and 1940s, spurred by now iconic bartenders Donn Beach and Victor Bergeron.

Popularising kitsch, fruity, largely rum-based cocktails such as the Mai Tai and Zombie, early US tiki bars were said to cater to a newfound love of the South Pacific after the Second World War.

This concept soon spread across the globe, with tiki bars openings everywhere from Hong Kong to Berlin. While such bars hit the height of their popularity more than 50 years ago, there has been a nostalgic revival in the exotic concept, particularly as an antidote to the rise of more demur prohibition-style bars.

With an abundance of totems, grass skirts, cocktail umbrellas and, of course, rum, click through the following pages to see our pick of the world’s 10 best tiki bars. If you’ve think we’ve missed an essential choice off this list, let us know by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Max Traverse says:

    Aloha “the” for nominated us as one of the best Tiki Bar in the world!!!
    Much love to all!!!
    Watch Out for The New One coming in HK !!!

    Mahalo to all!!!


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