Distillery to launch lilac petal-infused gin

24th April, 2015 by Melita Kiely

New York distillery Black Button Distilling will launch a limited edition “hand crafted” gin next month infused with fresh lilac petals.


Black Button Distilling is set to launch a lilac petal infused gin

Lilac Gin was inspired by Rochester Lilac Festival and the botanical heritage of “The Flower City”.

The new release is said to offer subtle juniper notes combined with “fresh floral overtones” delivering a “clean crisp gin with a fruity” finish.

“As a local company, we are always looking for ways to celebrate Rochester’s unique heritage,” commented Jason Barrett, Black Button Distilling owner and head distiller, who was comes from Rochester.

“The flowers of the Lilac Festival are a major part of our city’s identity.

“The ability to use local ingredients and showcase them in our own way is exactly what Black Button is all about.”

Distilled from locally sourced ingredients, 600 bottles of Lilac Gin will be available to buy from the Black Buttpn tasting room from 1 May at 6pm, before rolling out to select liquor stores in the US on 2 May.

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