Cuervo master: Tequila can ‘compete’ with Cognac

14th April, 2015 by Amy Hopkins

Jose Cuervo’s Master of Tequila Don Francisco Hajnal Alfaro knows a thing or two about Mexico’s national spirit. Here, he discusses tasting methods, brand loyalty and his search for the next Don of Tequila.


Don Francisco Hajnal Alfaro is Jose Cuervo’s Master of Tequila

Having started his Tequila career in 1975 at Bodegas Santo Tomas, Don Francisco moved to Jose Cuervo in 1982, becoming the distillery’s Tequila director just three years later.

Since then, he has focused on educating the world on the Tequila category, from which are the best ways to taste the spirit, to how it is farmed and aged.

Don Francisco is now embarking on a worldwide search for the next Don of Tequila in Jose Cuervo’s new bartending competition, for which entries are now open.

The prize for the winning bartender is a trip to Tequila, Mexico, where they will harvest their own crop of agave, blend the spirit, and keep the batch labeled with their name.

Click through to the following page to view our exclusive full interview with Don Francisco.

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