Alcohol delivery app TopShelf launched in US

9th April, 2015 by Annie Hayes

A new service named TopShelf that allows consumers to order spirits, wine or beer to be delivered to their door has been launched in Austin, Texas.


New delivery app TopShelf delivers alcohol from the nearest participating store to the consumer’s door

To order, users enter in a zip code for delivery and the app locates the nearest off-license and displays its inventory.

From here, the customer is able to make their selection and pay – a minimum spend of US$20 applies – and the alcohol can be delivered within one hour by an employee from the store at a cost of US$5.

Topshelf creator, Ryan Browne, said: “TopShelf is an alcohol delivery app built by Texans for Texans. Simply put, we connect local liquor stores that offer delivery.

“Let’s say you have some friends over, you have a bottle of wine, you run out of wine, everyone is still thirsty.

“You don’t want to risk a potentially US$17,000 DWI or even worse hurt yourself or someone else whenever you can just have it delivered right to your door.”

Some of the stores even feature an ID scanner embedded within the app to detect fake IDs.

The app plans to launch across San Marcos, San Antonio, Dallas and Houston later this year.

TopShelf joins a variety of alcohol delivery platforms for specific US states, such as MiniBar which recently purchased its competitor, Booze Carriage.




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