Ten of the world’s most expensive rums

18th March, 2015 by Amy Hopkins

Some may still view rum as the affordable party spirit of old, but there’s a plethora of ultra-premium, rare and luxurious expressions which certainly have the ability to break the bank.


From £200 to £200,000, these are 10 of the world’s most expensive rums

Rum has long-been shedding its low rent image over the years, cultivating a dedicated base of connoisseur fans who seek out rare, collectible bottlings.

From £200 to £200,000, rum producers have created an array of pricey expressions which sit alongside top-end Cognac and Scotch whiskies, using extra-old, ultra-rare liquids.

Some special edition rums derive their hefty price tag from beautiful, handcrafted packaging, such as the silver-topped Legacy by Angostura.

But which are 10 of the world’s most expensive rums? Click through the following pages to find out. If you think we’ve missed a particularly pricey choice, let us know by leaving your suggestions below.

3 Responses to “Ten of the world’s most expensive rums”

  1. Jamie Mac says:

    Very nice but very incorrect about Wray & Nephew 17YO. None the less very nice article. Cheers

  2. Shane Knowles says:

    Nice article but not well researched. What about Australian Bundaberg Rum? Have a look at what some of those are going for. Certainly beat the first couple you have listed.

  3. Jim w says:

    You didn’t list Bacardi MMXII !!!!!!?????

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