Non-alcoholic cinnamon ‘whisky’ launches

20th February, 2015 by Amy Hopkins

The “world’s first” Halal alcohol-free “whisky” has launched a cinnamon-flavoured variant in the US market.


Alcohol-free “whisky” ArKay has launched a cinnamon-flavoured expression in the US

Having initially launched in the US market in 2011, the ArKay non-alcoholic “whisky” brand became available around the world in December last year.

The Halal-certified product is described as “having the exceptional taste of whisky without the alcoholic content”, and is targeted towards those who cannot drink alcohol for religious or medical reasons.

ArKay Cinnamon is described as a combination of the brand’s alcohol-free American Bourbon, Spanish Sherry and Malaga aromas, cinnamon and spices.

“ArKay Cinnamon non-alcoholic Whisky is characterised by full complex flavors,” said Jose Jaramillo, vice president of Arkay’s North American Division.

“We are thrilled to bring ArKay Cinnamon non-alcoholic whisky to American whisky lovers as ArKay has become highly desired.”

The expression is now available across the US at an RRP of US$49.99.

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  1. ooakoto ootamaka says:

    Wow! Cinnamon and Oak flavoured water! Bold!

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